2017 Legislation

Updated: February 27

Priority Bills

AB 1410: Taxation: marijuana cultivation tax.

  • Introduced February 17, 2017
  • Position: Support
  • Priority: High

SB 175: Marijuana: county of origin: marketing. 

AB 1578: Marijuana and cannabis programs: cooperation with federal authorities.

SB 148: Cannabis Safe Payment Act: State Board of Equalization: counties: state agencies: collection of cash payments: cannabis-related businesses.

AB 238: Medical cannabis: distributors: employment.

  • Position: Oppose
  • Priority: Low

AB 389: Marijuana: Consumer Guide

  • Position: Support 
  • Priority: Low

AB 1420: Water rights: small irrigation use: lake or streambed alteration agreements.

  • Position: Support 
  • Priority: Low

Other Assembly Bills

AB 6: Driving under the influence: drug testing.

AB 64: Cannabis: medical and nonmedical: regulation and advertising. 

AB 76: Adult-use marijuana: marketing. 

AB 96: Budget Act of 2017. 

AB 171: Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act: licensure: reporting.

AB 175: Adult-use marijuana: marketing: packaging and labeling. 

AB 208: Deferred entry of judgment: pretrial diversion.

AB 285: Drug and alcohol free residences.

AB 313: Water.

AB 350: Marijuana edibles: appealing to children.

AB 362: Forestry assistance program: loans.

AB 416: Cannabis

AB 420: Marijuana and medical cannabis: advertisements: license number disclosure. 

AB 729: Nonmedical marijuana: licensee regulation

AB 844: California Marijuana Tax Fund: funding for support system navigation services: minimum performance standards.

AB 845: Cannabidiol. 

AB 903: California Marijuana Tax Fund: California Highway Patrol.

AB 948: Marijuana. 

AB 963: Taxation: Marijuana.

AB 1002: Center for Cannabis Research.

AB 1096: Medical Cannabis. 

AB 1135: California Marijuana Tax Fund.

AB 1143: Outdoor advertising: prohibitions.

AB 1244: Marijuana: production of concentrated cannabis.

AB 1254: Production or cultivation of a controlled substance: civil penalties.

AB 1527: State and local marijuana regulatory agencies: employees.

AB 1606: Edible marijuana products.

AB 1627: Adult Use Marijuana Act: testing laboratories.

Senate Bills

SB 65: Vehicles: alcohol and marijuana: penalties. 

SB 72: Budget act or 2017

SB 311: Medical cannabis and nonmedical marijuana: testing by a licensee. 

SB 506: Department of Fish and Wildlife: lake or streambed alteration agreements.

SB 698: Driving under the influence: alcohol and marijuana.


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