January 24 - Policy Committee Meeting

Staff is recommending support for:

  • AB 64
  • SB 148

2017 Legislative priorities

We have a focus on local farms and businesses coupled with a strong sustainability ethic. We are working to ensure that everyone can participate and all communities will benefit from regulated cannabis. 

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January 17 - Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors will meet in Sacramento on Tuesday, January 17th at 2 PM. The meeting is open to everyone, though members will have priority if space is limited. 

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January 11 - Policy Committee Meeting

The policy committee will meet in Sacramento on Wednesday, January 11 at 10:30 AM. 

AB 64 Introduced to reconcile MCRSA and Prop 64

AB 64 was introduced this week. According to the authors fact sheet the legislation: "begins the conversation around reconciling and unifying the regulatory structures under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, Proposition 64."


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Final Recommendations for 2017 Policy Priorities to be Considered by Board Next Month

I am pleased to present the final recommendations for our 2017 priorities to the community for review and comment. The board will consider all input and comments at the board meeting to be held January 17th at 2 PM in Sacramento. These recommendations along with a report and recommendations from the policy committee will be reviewed by the entire board. 


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Cal Growers Comments to CDFA

RE: Preliminary comments on the Pre-Regulation Workshop Survey

We appreciate the Department of Food and Agriculture’s Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program providing the opportunity for robust public participation in the rulemaking process. While the public process is a statutory requirement, program staff have gone above and beyond and lived up to these principles of participatory governance by providing an engaging and user friendly process for the regulated community and other stakeholders. We commend this collaborative approach and encourage the program to sustain its commitment to public participation. 

Today I write to provide our basic principles, our accomplishments and compromises to date and an initial overview of our regulatory priorities. I will also include discussion of the Regulatory Goals outlined in the “Pre-Regulation Workshop Survey.” 

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Sept. 7 Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors will meet in Sacramento on Wednesday, September 7th. The meeting is open to everyone, though members will have priority if space is limited. 

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Dept. of Food and Ag provides a glimpse at cannabis businesses

Recently the California Department of Food and Agriculture released the responses to a survey assessing the number of businesses considering seeking a state license to cultivate cannabis. The survey also assessed the number of businesses seeking licensure in another segment of the regulated cannabis marketplace. 

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State agencies to hold outreach meetings

The state agencies responsible for licensing cannabis businesses will be holding several meetings throughout the state over the next several weeks and months. These meetings are an important part of the regulatory process. The meetings are an opportunity for you to learn more and have conversations directly with the people who will be drafting the regulations in the early stages of the process. 

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