Cal Growers announces support AB 2149 (Bonilla)

(Sacramento) Today the California Growers Association (Cal Growers) representing nearly 500 members in 45 counties throughout California announced support Assembly Bill 2149, which authorizes the Board of Equalization to collect cash payments on behalf of state agencies that regulate medical cannabis businesses. 

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Triple bottom line cannabis

        As a diversified farmer seeking to participate in a regenerative form of agriculture, I must factor the economics of my operation on equal footings with the ecological and social impacts that I create; this is the triple bottom line. 

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Nevada County Election Update

Our community, which is working so hard to defeat Measure W, is vibrant and robust with many voices and perspectives. To funnel this passion and collective voice, Cal Growers along with several other private individuals and associations have come together to contribute to the No on W Committee (PAC). 

The No on W Committee will focus efforts on direct messaging to defeat Measure W such as blanketing media sources, the production and distribution of yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, and hopefully even a billboard.  The mission is to heighten public awareness, educate the community about the importance of voting No on W, and motivate voters to go to the polls.  

Please contribute so we can increase our visibility and message ALL around the county in the next 2 months. Donate Today or request a large quantity order for your neighborhood, family and friends. Any amount helps reach the campaign goal of $2,000. Visit to learn more. 

Lets canvass the county, elevate our message and unite under No on W! 
Thank you for all your efforts.


California Talks Taxes.

legislation to tax medical cannabis set for committee hearings

In 2015 history was made. A robust collaborative effort resulted in breakthrough bi partisan legislation to regulate commercial medical cannabis activity in the state of California for the first time in 19 years.

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An open letter to the state of California.

For decades policy makers, law enforcement and the rest of the world have talked about us. Stoners. Growers. Criminals. Failed policies of prohibition have shaped the collective experience of the cannabis community. These policies have ensured we remained marginal and have left us underrepresented in public policy conversations.


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Breaking new ground: Regulating cannabis as agriculture

In 2015 the California state legislature passed landmark legislation to regulate medical cannabis. The Medical Marijuana Regulatory and Safety Act (MMRSA) is a bi-partisan effort comprised of three bills, AB 243 (Wood), AB 266 (Bonta), and SB 643 (McGuire). The legislation was signed by Governor Brown in October and went into effect January 1, 2016.

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Banking Committee

On February 29th the Assembly Committee on Banking and Finance convened an informational hearing about “Banking the Cannabis Industry.” Cal Growers Executive Director focused comments on ensuring the lack of access to financial services does not become a barrier to entry for small and mid-sized businesses. 

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On Friday the California Growers Association announced a new advocacy program to protect its most vulnerable members – micro, subsistence and cottage cultivators. This announcement was marked by the launch of an online petition which gathered support from more than 238 people by mid-afternoon Monday. 

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Cal Growers Supports Excise Tax in Concept

In 2015 history was made. A robust collaborative effort resulted in breakthrough bi partisan legislation to regulate commercial medical cannabis activity in the state of California for the first time in 19 years.

Working together the state of California took a seminal step toward a well regulated, healthy, sustainable, and prosperous cannabis industry.

This breakthrough has opened the door to discussions of an excise tax to be levied on medical cannabis.


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Solving a Crisis

California’s cannabis industry is diverse, dynamic and productive. California is a global leader in the cannabis industry. More than 50,000 small business create more than 250,000 good jobs. We use less than 10,000 acre feet of water a year, while the state’s agricultural sector uses 35 million or more. We are conservation minded, hard working, productive members of society. 


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