Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs

Committee chairs are selected by the board chair. The Executive Director advises the chair and the board on these appointments. At this time there are a number of open chairs that will be filled over the coming weeks, however I am recommending the following people be appointed on Tuesday:

  • Administration Committee:
    • Chaired by the board officers
    • Development Committee:
      • Development: Cooperatives and ownership:
      • Development: Delivery: Ryan and Nina
      • Development: Appellations: Terra and Sam
      • Development: Events:
      • Development: Regional:
      • Development: Distribution: Felipe, Lauren and Chris
      • Policy Committee:
        • Co Chairs:
          • Terra: Cultivation;
          • Sheldon: Business;
          • Nicole; Advisor
  • Regional Chairs:
  • Political Action Committee
    • Political:
    • Political: Regional: Lauren

Incumbents are in italics.


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