Community development and building a political identity


Political engagement is new to the farmers and business owners in this industry. Many are dealing with a deep mistrust for a government that has only ever dealt with them in a heavy handed way. Shifting from enforcement to regulation—and developing a political identity—is an important component of implementation. “You have to vote every election, not just when cannabis is on the ballot.”


Partnering with local and county level organizations


Implementation depends on local permits. For too long local governments have been overwhelmed with the challenge of regulating cannabis at the local level with no support or guidance from the state government. Relationships between cannabis farmers and local governments have been strained in the past but have never been more important. Successful implementation of the MMRSA depends on active partnerships with local government.


Forming and maintaining Chapters: Promoting robust communication


Disseminating good information throughout the state and receiving feedback is a critical organizational function. Our local chapter structure is intended to create a consistent avenue for two-way communication between regulators and regulated. This will empower our state to adaptively manage the implementation of the MMRSA.


Join the movement today.  

On the third Wednesday of the local chapters of the California Growers Association will host a coordinated policy updated event. 

Joining the local chapters is easy. Simply attend the monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of the month and make a contribution to cover your monthly dues. Whether its $10 or $100, you will know that your in person contribution with no contract or long term commitment, is directly supporting groundbreaking political advocacy and community organizing. 

Please sign up here to be added to your local mailing list today! 


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