Envision 2026

Cannabis is a multibillion dollar marketplace in California. It is a unique opportunity for the state--it is one of the last agricultural products that has not been consolidated. The decentralized network of independently owned small farms creates unique benefits and opportunities for our communities and our state. Yet, some people value wealth over well being. They would subject cannabis to the same business culture that has destroyed middle class farms for decades.

It is time to come together to protect and promote the places, people and businesses that make California the global leader in Cannabis. 

Envision 2026 is a two-day conference focussed on imagining a sustainable cannabis future and developing implementable plans to realize that future. The event is open to all members who have paid or pledged their 2017 dues before the event. Dues can be paid at the door, in person or online. Click here to join today

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Topics will include: 

  • State of California Cannabis.
  • Regulatory Update.
  • Irrigation in a time of drought and seasonal scarcity
  • Consumer Direct Sales: CSA’s, Markets, Events and On-site
  • Update on Banking and Financial Services
  • Carbon neutral and energy efficient grows
  • Workplace requirements and standards
  • Taxes, Audits and Accountability
  • Trimigrants and transition in the workforce
  • Protections for Small Businesses



January 18, 2017 at 9am - January 19, 2017
Holiday Inn
Hezekiah ·

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$100.00 Single Ticket

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