Get active with Cal Growers.

Our organization is entirely focused on our supporters, members, and partners. We work together to advance our mission.  There are four levels of involvement with Cal Growers.  

Become a supporter

This class of membership is intended for individual supporters. Supporters can participate in member calls and events but cannot vote. Supporter members are not eligible for the board and cannot vote in board elections. 

Become a member

As a “governing member” of the California Growers Association you will be a voting member of an organization that provides:

  • Weekly update calls where you can ask questions of the 
  • Regular community building events in communities all over California 
  • Professional, consistent, and effective advocacy in Sacramento

Membership dues start at $1000 per year or $100 per month; membership is restricted to cannabis farms and businesses that will be licensed by the state.

Members are eligible to serve on the board and are allowed to vote in board elections. 

Form a strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships can focus on providing your company or brand with customized government relations services or valuable exposure for your service, product or brand, or both!

Strategic partnerships are appropriate for almost any kind of brand or business—from an agricultural cooperative or brand to a distribution company or investor.

Strategic partnership with the California Growers Association is the best way to ensure that you are aware of policy developments that may impact your project.

Each partnership will be negotiated individually. Partnerships start at $5,000 per year or $500 per month.

Become an Advisor

As an advisor you will provide professional perspectives and opinions on specific policy questions. Your in-kind contribution will reduce the cost of strategic partnership (outlined above) so that you can gain valuable exposure for your brand, product, or service.

This is a great option for consultants, attorneys, and other ancillary businesses offering professional services to cannabis farms and businesses in California. 

Advisors may contribute some (or all) of their dues in-kind. 


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