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Cal Growers offers a high value opportunity for all business that provide products or services to our members. Few other organizations offer the opportunity to reach thousands of leading growers and business owners in the emerging regulated marketplace. There are two ways you can sponsor our work: 

1. Event Sponsors

We organize 5 flagship community events per year. These events are focused on providing our members and community with the most up to date, accurate and relevant information about cannabis policy. If you offer a product or service to cannabis growers or businesses and want to get exposure to industry leaders our events are a high value opportunity. Plus, your support ensures that we can offer this important no-cost programming to the communities we serve.

Event sponsorship is $10,000 annually (can be paid monthly) or $2500 per event. You can become a sponsor by making a contribution using PayPal by clicking here.

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2. Directory Sponsors

Our online community directory, launched in early 2017 is soon to be a go to source for locating products and services. That makes it a great place to advertise your products or services. At just $50 per month, a listing in our directory is a great way to get valuable exposure for your product, service or brand. 

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