Building a political force.

Political engagement is new to many farmers and business owners in this industry. Many are dealing with a deep mistrust for a government that has only ever dealt with them in a heavy handed way. Shifting from enforcement to regulation—and developing a political identity to match—is an important component of our work. 

Our hybrid approach to public policy opens the door to unique opportunities for cannabis businesses of all sizes—large and small. Our team of professionals in Sacramento is consistent, focused and passionate. We represent your priorities in the state Capitol every single day. And all of it depends on you. 

Get active. Politically:

It all starts with voting. After you have pledged to vote, take a minute to show your support for these priority issues: 

Want to see something on the list that isn't here? Email your suggestion to the policy committee at 

It takes more than just grassroots support to impact change to California policy. Learn more about our Political Action Committees. 


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