Thursday, January 19

Understanding barriers to entry

  • Session 1: An overview of barriers to entry impacting communities throughout California. 
  • Session 2: Cost of compliance and access to capitol
  • Session 3: Land use and Zoning 


An appellation is a legally defined and protected geographical indication used to identify where an agriculture product was grown. Restrictions other than geographical boundaries, such as what strains may be grown, maximum yields, potency, and other quality factors, may also apply before an appellation name may legally appear on a product. The rules that govern appellations have not be determined for California. 

  • Session 1: Policy
  • Session 2: Petitions, maps and standards
  • Session 3: Community, culture and celebration 

Roundtable Meetings

  • Session 1: California Cannabis Delivery Alliance
  • Session 2: Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Session 3: Cannabis Distributors Association