Standards: Developed by third parties certifiers, universities, and other experts in specific fields. Standards should be objective and clear. Examples could include:  

  • Carbon Free Standard
  • Pesticide Free Standard
  • Family Farmed Standard
  • Cooperatively Grown Standard: in existing law, B&P Code Section 262XX
  • “CalGanic” - in existing law

Practices: developed by growers. More objective and focused on cultural practices more than objective standards. Examples could include:

  • Handcrafted is a set of practices that maximizes the job creation potential of the
  • Regenerative is a set of practices that focuses on restoring healthy ecology in and around the cultivation area
  • Traditionally Grown is a set of practices that focusses on pre-industrial agricultural methods and includes limited use of plastic materials, plants grown from seed, with no artificial lighting
  • Polycultured is the practice of growing cannabis as a companion to other market crops

Recommendation: Adopt the above descriptions of practices and standards