The Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB) is the division of the California Department of Public Health responsible for licensing cannabis manufacturing businesses. MCSB has created five separate license types for cannabis manufacturing:

  • Type 7, for manufacturing with volatile solvents.
  • Type 6, for manufacturing with non-volatile solvents.
  • Type N, for infused cannabis products such as edibles and topicals.
  • Type P, for packaging and labeling.
  • Type S for infusion, packaging, and labeling business operating in a shared space.

Manufacturing businesses are currently responsible for complying with the emergency regulations issued in November 2017.

MCSB Emergency Regulations

MCSB Emergency Regulations Fact Sheet

Type S License: Shared Manufacturing Facilities

In March 2018, MCSB issued emergency regulations that allow manufacturers to share space and manufacturing equipment - a top CalGrowers priority for nearly a year and a key policy for artisan manufacturers across the state.
The full text of the proposed regulations can be found here. Some of the key rules include:
  • The shared premises must be held under the name of a "primary licensee": a Type 7, 6, or N licensee who holds the lease or title to the premises.
  • The primary licensee can apply to DPH to have their premises designated as a "shared facility" that allows other manufacturers to share common areas and equipment.
  • Other manufacturers who want to share the primary licensee's space can apply for a "Type S" license from the state. Type S licensees are limited to infusions, packaging and labeling, and "extractions with butter or food-grade oils" for use in their own infused products. Type S licensees cannot conduct volatile extractions or non-volatile extractions that use other methods.
  • The primary licensee, and the Type S licensees sharing the space, must agree on an occupancy schedule that limits each licensee to using the shared space during a specific date and time. Only one licensee can use shared space at a time.
  • Type S licensees must designate a unique, locked, and secured storage area.
  • Type S licensees are limited to $500,000 per year in revenue under the proposed rules. Primary licensees are not limited in revenue.
  • Local governments must approve the use of shared space.

Shared-Use Registration Form

Type S Temporary License Application

Fact Sheet on Type S License

Previous Manufacturing Regulations

In April 2017, MCSB released proposed medical cannabis manufacturing regulations. These regulations were later rescinded due the the passage of Prop 64 but provide insight on MCSB's thought process and research background.

If you would like to review our comments on the proposed regulations please click here.