Working together to shape public policy.

The California Growers Association has quickly become the state’s most prominent grower/cultivator oriented cannabis voice in the state. Over the last six years the organization has grown from a county to a regional group and now a statewide trade association.

Our success is made possible by hard work and a strategic approach to public policy that includes several key assets:

  • Professional and full time team in Sacramento representing the organizations members
  • A robust Board of Directors that represents a statewide community of members and sponsors--farmers, business owners, attorneys and consultants that work together to identify issues and work collaboratively to develop solutions. 
  • An active and engaged grassroots base of supporters--farmers, business owners, and cannabis consumers that work together to raise the profile of high priority issues and explore potential solutions. 

The California Growers Association has been active in the legislative process since late 2014.  Our team has negotiated amendments, testified in legislative committees and worked with more than a dozen regulatory agencies. 

This organization played a significant role in shaping the legislation that resulted in a comprehensive statewide regulatory framework and multiple state license types for growers and cultivators, the 2015 Medical Cannabis Regulatory and Safety Act. We remained neutral while voicing concerns with regard to Prop 64 in 2016.