#CalCannabisPolicy Summit notes and next steps

On January 2 and 3 more than 200 founding members of the California Growers Association gathered in Sacramento. The event focussed on two outcomes: giving people the opportunity to get to know each other and exploring the policy landscape for 2016.

 There were several items that were identified as action steps. 

  • Create: Working Group for developing existing licenses and proposing and establishing new license types. You can sign up here.  

  • Save the Date: March CalCannabisPolicy: Spring Summit: 

    • Morning Session: Local Government

    • Afternoon Session: Electoral Politics

Local Government:

In local government affairs, it is important to ask the question ‘what is the intended outcome’? 

Create consistent talking points:

  • State

  • County 

  • City 

CGA Work Group to provide training for various aspects of activity

Comments from Jason Bryant, Bryant Government Affairs

Cal Growers has the potential to be the most effective voice on cannabis policy in the Capitol. We need your support to build the capacity. 

The legislation is intentionally divided by assembly and senate so no one branch can pass bills quickly. This means CGA has to have a voice and ability to connect with both houses and the administration. This requires a full time and focussed presence in Sacramento.

The Assembly will be lead by two active members Rob Bonta and Jim Wood for ‘clean-up’ bills and in new policy moving forward in 201. There will be a Speaker Change in March. Anthony Rendon will take over as State Assembly Speaker. Given changes to term limits, this could be the dawn of a new era more consistent policy making.

We expect to work on the following: 

Wood: will clarify in the law for March 1 deadline. 

Bonta: Collect the issues/suggestions coming from various stakeholders. Expect comprehensive cleanup for AB 266. 

McGuire:Point person for Senate activities. 

We expect there will be additional legislation as well and we have the capacity to engage on all legislation that is determined to be high priority. 

Jamie Kerr, Cal Growers and 530 Edibles

  • The leg process is Very time consuming and laborious. Every amendment requires work and agility. 

  • It is imperative that the chapters remain engaged with perspective to the process timeline. 


Tim Morland, Legislative Director, Office of Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma

In 2016 BOE will continue to work on the banking issue. On the federal level, people can contact congressmen and others with letters to request support.

BOE will try to make cash tax paying process easier.


Regulatory Agencies in MMRSA: A multi-agency approach