A diverse community of business owners.

Our membership is driven by shared values. We are committed to building California’s cannabis industry into a model industry for the 21st century. Good jobs. Best management practices. People, planet, and profit—on a level playing field. We are about more than the simple bottom line. We are committed to a values added, values driven world class cannabis industry, because that is what we have always known. Our members are global leader in the cannabis industry and we want to protect California’s leadership.

Our shared vision grew up on, the independent, artisanal farms in the state. But it is vision that resonates with the values of people up and down the state—urban, rural, consumer, budtender. We know we can provide a high-quality product in a safe, legal and complaint environment because we have been leading the way for decades. Regulations don’t scare our members. They will provide welcome clarity and legitimacy.