Ariana Tibbets, Nevada County

ariana.jpgWith over 20 years of field experience in the cannabis industry, paired with university and secondary education degrees with a focus on botanicals and science, I offer a uniquely balanced perspective with extensive knowledge to our cannabis industry. As a founder of Emerald Flower Farmacy Cooperative, CannaGirl and Emerald Herbals, I offer quality product, education and solutions through conscientious business practices with a community focus. My daily interactions have led me to a variety of industry events over the years - including CannaCon, IndoExpo, Cannabis Cup and more - which has allowed me to appreciate the collaboration of so many of our colleagues. This growing network inspires me with ongoing education and the desire to assist our industry at an even greater level.

Now residing in Grass Valley, CA with my two sons, and with long ties to the Humboldt County area, I personally know this diverse region well and would proudly work to represent our collective interests. Understanding the evolving politics of the industry, I strive to maintain a finger on the pulse of all changes, potential hurdles and long-term designs so as to professionally navigate these possibly turbulent waters while also providing guidance for fellow colleagues. This required interest and involvement, plus my strong network and long-time passion for this industry are resources which I wish to offer as an active board member. With fresh energy, I eagerly strive to contribute in the most professional and useful manner as possible.

Over the years, as I have been intimately involved in our industry, I have progressed from a quiet participant to a fully public founder of a cooperative and a successful consulting program. With every colleague I meet, every program I assist, and every new horticulturalist I inspire - my pride in our industry’s progression continues to grow. It’s this joy that transforms into my drive to become more heavily involved in assisting that growth. Through nearly twenty years, my colleagues, my network and my experience have become invaluable.  Why have this wealth of resources, if I cannot offer my assistance in return? With a solid resume of experience, I hope to offer a balanced perspective and fair representation to the members of this organization. 

As our state follows our progression, I feel it is integral to professionally represent our industry with clear goals and legislative suggestions. To successfully achieve this requires a  solid team of individuals with defined communication. I see the California’s Growers Association as an exemplary model of this unity and strength. I would be honored to represent our farmers and help define the key representatives of this organization.