Article III. Activities

Cal Growers engages in the following activities in pursuit of it’s mission:

  • Engages in direct lobbying and advocacy at the state level
  • Facilitates and hosts community events, educational events and, workshops
  • Engages in or supports research on major issues and challenges facing members and the industry
  • Gathers, analyzes, and disseminates information related to the cannabis industry in Californiaa
  • Works collaboratively with organizations of city, county, and state officials
  • Works collaboratively with organizations of law enforcement and regulators
  • Arranges and convenes meetings and provides other services for members and stakeholders
  • Acts as a catalyst for the advancement of sustainability, collaboration between stakeholders, and empowerment for our members and community
  • Serves as a catalyst to express the views of the members and restore justice to the cannabis community of California
  • Serves as a resource for affiliated organizations and provide fee-for-service governmental relations and legislative affairs support to members and partners
  • Acts as a coordinating agency to analyze legislation and regulatory programs to identify areas of concern or importance to the membership
  • Advocates and lobbies for the interests of our membership in state and local policy conversations
  • Provides opportunity for cannabis farmers and lawmakers and elected officials to interact directly and discuss public policy challenges
  • Promotes compliance with existing regulations and participates in the promulgations and development process for new rules and regulations
  • Provide programs for the training and development of state officials, legislators, and regulators