AB 821 passes out of Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation

Today AB 821 (Gipson) passed out of the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation.

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Back to Session Reception, 2016

On January 4th, the California Growers Association invited lawmakers and members to gather on the first night of session to celebrate the success of 2015 and outline the work to be done. 


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California Growers Association, the leading representing of the state’s 55,000 craft and independent cannabis farmers, completed its 2016 Policy Summit over the weekend in Sacramento and announced a new focus would be to build relationships with lawmakers and regulators in the state’s counties and cities. Cal Growers will continue to work as a consistent voice in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

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Cannabis Policy Summits set for Santa Cruz, Nevada City

Medical cannabis regulations are coming. Now is the time to get smart.

Two upcoming Cannabis Policy Summits will help growers in Santa Cruz and the Sierra Foothills prepare for the new state laws.

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CHP strategy highlights Cannabis Transport meet


California Highway Patrol Captains Rich Desmond and Kevin Davis explained how their agency deals with the movement of cannabis across the state’s highways, highlighting the big Cannabis Transportation discussion session Friday in Sacramento.

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Keep it simple.

Moving the cannabis industry to regulation and compliance is a challenge for everyone.


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New era for local government

A brave new world has arrived for California local governments and their regional cannabis businesses.

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Ohio lesson: Don’t monopolize cannabis

There’s a big lesson for California in the crushing defeat of Ohio’s cannabis initiative:

People don't vote for big business.

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Chairs Report, November 2015

With the legislature out of session our focus has turned to communities throughout the state. We are excited about the launching of CGA Local Chapters in an increasing number of producer Counties.  Novemebr 12-15th will feature a four-event in four-day swing through Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma. 


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The recently filed AUMA rounds a field of more than a dozen initiatives that have been filed to “legalize” cannabis in 2016 in California. We remain cautiously optimistic that stakeholders will work together to align policy, funding, and organization to legalize cannabis in a manner that protects California’s unique position as a global leader in the cannabis industry.

Over the next few days and weeks we will dig into AUMA and other leading initiatives. We will carefully consider key policy questions and provide a simple “grade” for each initiative. Grading criteria are as follows: 

  • Ensuring our 2015 policy achievements are not eroded

In 2015, we articulated three policy priorities that became the guide for our work. In short: cannabis cultivation must be regulated by the Department of food and agriculture, licenses and fees must be tiered to create a level playing field for small and mid-sized businesses, and appellation controls must be developed. We will not support an initiative that does not respect these three priorities.

  • Ensuring adequate protections against consolidation

In 2015 policy makers in California invested significant time exploring the cannabis industry in CA. A key finding of this exploration was the need to create a regulatory framework that creates a level playing field for small and mid-sized businesses.

The Blue Ribbon Commission captures this concerns perfectly by articulate that it is appropriate and probably wise for the state of California to limits the size of any one entity in the marijuana industry and it may be appropriate for the state to set limits on vertical integration.

  • Preventing tension or conflict between policies in the legislation and the initiative

Conflict between two sets of regulations will increase the complexity and cost of implementation. This conflict must be minimized and mitigated.  

The next 30 days are critical to the 2016 campaign to legalize cannabis and restore justice to our communities. In the next few weeks, we expect vigorous dialogue among the supporters of many different initiatives as California works toward a consensus.