Cal Growers Growing Increasingly quickly


Over recent months, as our organization transitioned from the Emerald Growers Association to the California Growers Association we have seen rapid growth throughout the state. We have nearly 2,000 active supporters throughout the state. 

A Growing Movement. 

Cal Growers has also seen increasing rates of growth in every segment of the organization. Most notable are the increase in number of contributors and volunteers. Our community is waking up to the reality: it is time to get involved. We have spent the last several months expanding our network and meeting leaders who are committed to working together. 

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growth_chart__january.jpgAs our community continues to grow, we are working to effectively organize our community. We are asking everyone to take a few minutes to help us update your profile. As we grow throughout the state it is very important we are able to provide you with the right information for your locality and business type. 

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