Cal Growers welcomes appointment of Bureau Chief

(Sacramento) Today Governor Jerry Brown announced his appointment of Lori Ajax to oversee the formation of the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation within the Department of Consumer Affairs. This Bureau—established by the historic Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act of 2015—will be the lead agency in developing and issuing licenses, as well as an ensuring coordination between the other licensing agencies. 

“We are excited to have an appointee so early in the year. Answers to a lot of outstanding regulatory questions depend on a functioning bureau,: said Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of the California Growers Association. “We are excited to welcome Lori Ajax to this position. We look forward to building a strong collaborative partnership and working closely to expeditiously advance regulations. Having a bureau chief is a critical next step on this process.”

Lori Ajax comes to the position with prior experience serving as a gubernatorial appointee.  Currently she serves as Chief Deputy Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). Lori has a long track record of success in the ABC, including overseeing the licensing and enforcement operations of 20 counties in Northern California. She has worked in various capacities throughout the state for close to two decades.

Allen went on to say that: “Our members want to see a functioning bureau as soon as possible. We are encouraged by Lori’s experience with state bureaucracy and familiarity with rural counties. This skill set should prove valuable as the state works to create a Bureau capable of protecting public safety and patients while ensuring level playing for licensees of all sizes in all communities around the state.”