Wildfire Recovery

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The October 2017 firestorm is having an extremely severe impact on our communities. This loss will be especially challenging for these growers because:

  • Over the course of the last 18 months, these growers have spent their life savings getting permits and preparing for state licensure.
  • These folks don’t qualify for crop insurance like other farmers.
  • These folks can’t get loans like other business owners.
  • These folks won’t qualify for federal emergency relief funds.



IMG_6945.JPGOur mission is to help growers and their communities throughout California recover from and adapt to wildfire.

Our priority objectives are:

  • Ensure that not a single grower fails to get a license because of wildfire related hardship
  • Coordinate industry and nationwide efforts to ensure the most effective use of funds
  • Maintain strong relationships with donors and strengthen relationships between partner organizations

A collaborative fund

The wildfire relief fund is governed by a council of partners, including:

This is a collaborative fund being promoted and managed in partnership. Each partner organization will select a representative to review requests for aid and to make decisions regarding expenditures.