On the local level we are supporting efforts to implement the MMRSA through permissive ordinances. We serve as clearinghouse of information to empower, professionalize, and advance cannabis policy dialogue. 

Local committees host a monthly update and mixer. These events feature up to date information from the state legislature and the regulatory agencies. Participants will also enjoy a rotating schedule of special topics, speakers, panels, and presentations. 

In addition local committees will track and monitor local government and provide updates and alerts as needed. 

Our success is based on a strong organization. You can strengthen our organizations by signing up to join your local chapter by clicking on the links below:

Mendocino County

Nevada County

San Francisco

San Francisco growers are focussed on collaborating with local government to ensure that permits are available for local businesses prior to state licenses in 2018. 

If you want to support the work of the SF Growers, you can contribute here: 

Los Angeles

If there is no local chapter in your area, please click here to sign up by region