Groups representing small/mid-sized and minority owned businesses, permits call for effective, dynamic and fair regulations. “Currently the marketplace in Los Angeles is controlled by relatively few businesses. Under the existing system, only the well positioned and well capitalized can participate in the regulated marketplace. This forces many in the city into the shadows and ensures that low income communities will continue to face disproportionate negative impacts of cannabis commerce," explained Hezekiah Allen. 


Principles and Policy Priorities

Our campaign is focused on advocating for the following principles and policy priorities:

1.   Effective

Los Angeles needs a well regulated marketplace.

Measure D was intended as a temporary fix. Los Angeles will benefit greatly by updating local policies and implementing a local permitting framework that is consistent with state law.

We support efforts by the council and stakeholders to place an initiative on the ballot.

2.   Dynamic

Los Angeles will benefit from adaptive regulations.

Cannabis policy is changing quickly in California. It is imperative that the city have the authority to make future changes.

The council Retain broad authority to amend any provisions related to commercial cannabis activity.

3.   Fair

Los Angeles deserves a diverse regulated marketplace.   

Policy Priorities:

  1. Establish an equity program to ensure access for minority-owned brands, and equal opportunity employment
  2. Include permitting options for “non-storefront dispensaries” who are seeking state licenses
  3. Ensure permitting options are available specifically for small and cottage businesses 

The Coalition for Responsible Permitting is a statewide issues PAC controlled by the California Growers Association that works collaboratively with other groups to raise public awareness and advance good cannabis policy in California.  The Los Angeles campaign includes: 

The California Growers Association is the states leading representative for cannabis growers and businesses.

The California Minority Alliance is a statewide organization based in Los Angeles that supports minority participation and ownership in the emerging cannabis marketplace.

The California Cannabis Delivery Alliance is a statewide network of delivery services working to support regulation for at the state and local level.

You can learn more at:

Contact: Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of the California Growers Association.

Phone: 916 879 5063 or email: