The CalGrowers development program is focused on communities, businesses, and the market as a whole. Our mission is complex. Partnerships and collaboration are critical to success. Our development program works to build and manage these partnerships and collaborations. The program is built on a fundamental respect for and interest in better understanding cannaculture.


Senate Bill 94, passed in July 2017, included a top CalGrowers priority by enabling farmers to form legal corporations called Cannabis Cooperative Associations. The benefits of cannabis cooperatives are multiple. Economies of scale will be created to streamline and increase profits for operations, purchasing and distribution. Opportunities for strong marketing and branding emerge. Potential exists to control more of the supply chain through strategically recruiting members. Finally, the unique governance and membership structure of Cooperatives is aligned with the cultural values and practices of many in the legacy cannabis community: to produce premium, environmentally beneficial products while giving back to the community.

The California Growers Association supports the organization of Cannabis Cooperative Associations as a strategy to stabilize the market, provide pathways for smaller businesses, and increase compliance. CalGrowers maintains an active cooperative committee that serves as a forum for discussion of both market development opportunities and policy advocacy. In addition, the California Growers Association supports efforts to promote and market cooperative cannabis. You can learn more about Cooperative Cannabis--and our work to promote it--by visiting the Emerald Grown website: