Dia Damon, Mendocino County

Dia Damon, native to North Carolina, is from five generations of tobacco farmers and alcohol distillers.  Former Vacation Rental Management Specialist/Broker on the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Sun grown, DEM Pure Cannabis Farmer, with quite a few interesting adventures in between.

As a founding member of Siskiyou Alternative Medicine, she has helped write and shape local medical cannabis regulations, and inspired farmers into more agrarian, community conscious  decisions.  She encourages farmers to work towards compliance and to interact with elected officials. She promotes small businesses to engage, support, and benefit alongside cannabis producers, revitalizing rural economic growth.

Currently, a teacher and consultant of Advanced Natural Farming based practices, Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure, and LivingOrganicSoil.org she has challenged many farmers to grow beyond conventional organic standards, and to farm with nature's rhythms and courage.  Dia is also Co-founder of Nomad's Landing Farm; a small, beyond organic craft farm that specializes in high grade, hand crafted, cannabis, worm castings, soil, and amendments. 

Dia brings a voice of advocacy for California's cannabis farmers and small businesses.  Coming from a long family line of anti-prohibitionists, has given Dia a strong sense of compassion, understanding, and empathy for all small farmers and business owners who are still afraid of persecution.  Dia has a strong desire to work proactively, influencing positive change that is reasonable, with integrity, honesty, transparency, and for the highest good of CGA, its farmers, and business partners.