Donnie Anderson, LA

From music and film to marketing and social justice, Donnie Anderson brings a remarkable depth of experience to the CGA board.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Anderson has been a pioneer in multiple media industry sectors, including film, television, music and video games. His advocacy work in the cannabis reform movement established him as a leader in policy initiatives to create economic opportunities for people across the socio-economic spectrum.

A founding CGA board member, Mr. Anderson is chairman of the NAACP California/Hawaii Cannabis Task Force, which promotes regional policy agendas to create economic opportunities as the cannabis industry evolves along new regulatory pathways. As chairman of the California Minority Alliance, Mr. Anderson focuses on rebuilding cultural and societal bridges destroyed by the federal war on drugs within the state's minority communities.

Mr. Anderson founded Future Sound Entertainment and managed Snoop Dogg's Doggie Style Records before being named Vice President for Artists and Repertoire for MCA/Universal Records. Among the major artists assisted by Mr. Anderson's promotional and managerial skillsĀ  are Scarface and the producer Battlecat.

A veteran music industry consultant, Mr. Anderson worked alongside major label CEOs, including Clive Davis and Bryan Turner of Priority Records. Mr. Anderson's film credits include "Baby Boy," "Save the Last Dance" and "Road Dogs." He was a cast member and consultant for the video game "Grand Theft Auto V." Mr. Anderson lives in XXXXXX.