Final Recommendations for 2017 Policy Priorities to be Considered by Board Next Month

I am pleased to present the final recommendations for our 2017 priorities to the community for review and comment. The board will consider all input and comments at the board meeting to be held January 17th at 2 PM in Sacramento. These recommendations along with a report and recommendations from the policy committee will be reviewed by the entire board. 


These recommendations represent my sense of our collective priorities. I make these recommendations after reviewing and discussing hundreds of survey responses with our members and community through dozens of community events and meetings. I look forward to continued deliberation throughout December and January. 


  • There must be an opportunity for every California cannabis business owner to get a license
  • Small farms and businesses are good for California

I do recommend the addition of two principles:

  • Ensure California cannabis businesses are protected from increased enforcement action from the Federal Government
  • Develop an intentionally balanced marketplace that creates opportunities for hemp and cannabis growers


Regulatory priorities

Our work in 2017 will focus on ensuring licenses are available as expeditiously as possible.

Goal: As many successful business as possible

Objective: 5,000 to 10,000 state cultivation licenses in year 1

We are also tracking several other priority issues:

  • Rulemaking for all license types
  • Track and trace
  • Banking
  • Distribution and transport
  •  Environmental protections

Legislative Priorities

We expect cannabis to remain a focus for the state legislature for some time to come.

Urgent Cleanup

  • Stop the harvest tax


  • Appellations
  • Hemp
  • Certified regulatory program

This year

  • Tax incentives for small and cottage businesses
  • Tax incentives and licenses for businesses serving catastrophically ill patients
  • Cooperatives and processing

Long term/ Ongoing

Social justice and equity

  • Protect small businesses

2017 Policy Workplan

Our Public Policy program is the most staff intensive program and will likely make up as much as half of our activities and expenses in 2017.

The policy committee will continue to meet weekly at 8:30 AM on Tuesday. I recommend we meet in person in Sacramento the first Tuesday of the month throughout 2017.

We will also maintain several sub committees that will meet as needed. These include:

  • Appellations
  • Industrial Hemp
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Natural Resources
  • Delivery and Technology
  • Labs, Science and Research
  • Justice and Sustainability Council
  • Compassionate Use
  • Impacted Communities
  • Family Farms and Cottage Cultivation
  • Cooperative Ownership