Forming a cooperative

Who can be in a cannabis cooperative association?

  • ●  A co-op requires a minimum of 3 founders (“natural persons”) who each hold a single Type 1 or Type 2 cultivator license.

  • ●  The maximum cumulative growing area for all members is 4 acres.

  • ●  No member be licensed to operate a cannabis business in another state

  • ●  Members can do:

    • ○  The cultivation, marketing, or selling of the cannabis products of its members.

    • ○  The growing, harvesting, curing, drying, trimming, packing, grading, storing, or handling of any product of its members.

    • ○  The manufacturing, selling, or supplying to its members of machinery, equipment, or supplies.

    • ○  The financing of the above activities.