Regulatory affairs: Timelines for licensure: How to Prepare for January 2018

hezekiah_allen.jpgLast years historic legislation, the Medical Cannabis Regulatory and Safety Act was built on groundbreaking multi-agency framework.

The Medical Cannabis Regulatory and Safety Act of 2015 is built on a multi-agency framework. This framework tasks several agencies with regulating different segments of the cannabis marketplace. The three lead agencies are responsible for issuing state licenses to qualified applicants:

  • Department of Food and Agriculture: Nurseries and Cultivation
  • Department of Public Health: Manufacturing
  • Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation: Testing Labs, Transport, Retail, Distribution

Additionally, the State Water Resource Control Board is responsible for developing flow requirements to ensure that water is used responsibly. 

Participants will leave with a better understanding of what steps they need to take to prepare for licensure in 2018 and what they can expect by way of timeline and process.

Facilitator: Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director