Dr. Jonathan Cachat, Sonoma

For over 12 years, Dr. Jonathan Cachat has purposefully examined the interface of drugs, the brain, behavior and social policy. A PhD in Social Neuroscience with a background in developing analytic tools and IT infrastructure, Jonathan has worked at the intersection of biomedical research and data science, and innovated several novel research methodologies. He is a recognized leader and team player, with a record of leading organizations towards a shared vision. All the long, Jonathan has been an avid cannabis advocate exploring and participating in the culture and community around the globe.

Intellectually passionate about the injustices brought about when public policy and science are unnecessarily misaligned, he has brought his scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to the cannabis space as an activist and business consultant for local dispensaries. He is dedicated to ensuring that the current transition of the cannabis industry ends with a prideful, profitable and philanthropic culture celebrated and respected by the public at large. Currently, Jonathan serves as the faculty advisor for Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at UC Davis, an advisory board member of Sacramento NORML and a founding member of California Growers Association.