A report on Implementing the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act of 2015

IMG_1747.JPGOn January 19th, Hezekiah Allen presented to the Assembly Committees on Agriculture, Business and Professions, and Health. 

In preparation for the hearing, the Cal Growers team had visited all the committee members offices and dropped of a report. The report introduced Cal Growers and explained that implementation of MMRSA will be major focus for our work in 2016. Our work is guided by three themes: information, community, and advocacy. 

We organize our work into four program areas, Legislative Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Local Government, and Electoral Politics. 

The report and comments outlined policy challenges. Notably, not all the required licenses were created. As introduced on January 4th, AB 1575 corrects most of this issue by creating licenses for delivery and research. However, the cottage businesses--the most marginal and vulnerable in the state--remain without a pathway. We continue to advocate for the creation of a microbuses license. 

AB 21 removes the the March 1st deadline. This is a high priority for Cal Growers. 

Big Picture Concerns: Looking at 2016 and beyond, including:

  • Cumulative Tax Liability
  • Banking
  • Drought, climate change, and best practices


The presentation conduced with some thoughts on organizational development, including reflections on 

  • Community development and building a political identity
  • Partnering with local and county level organizations
  • Forming and maintaining Chapters: Promoting robust communication