Jonathan Collier

Jonathan Collier was first initiated into a basic business foundation by growing up in a successful entrepreneurial family. This was followed with formal studies in business, marketing, philosophy, poetry and the behavioral sciences at the University of Colorado. Later he developed an avid interest in conscious- ness studies, human potential and holistic health becoming a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor, EDGU Teacher and practitioner of various healing modalities. He has combined his years of experience and knowledge into a consulting company that utilizes holonic integration to engage with individuals, small businesses, organizations and local communities to cultivate a harmonic and prosperous balance between self, social, ecological and spiritual interactions.

Jonathan has had a long and profound relationship with cannabis as a medicine and a guide. Seeing both its positive and negative influences on the individual and society, he is excited to be working with the CGA to bring about awareness and responsibility around this special plant. He hopes to help usher in a new era where cannabis can bring health, vibrancy, prosperity and perspective in a way that benefits the people and their greater community. He is excited to serve and preserve the small cottage industry that has established itself as a world leader in the cultivation of cannabis, as well as the free-spirited culture that it has nurtured for decades.