Cannabis Practice Group - aBIZinaBOX Inc., CPA's

I have been in professional practice for thirty-eight years with an outstanding professional pedigree I won't repeat because anyone that is interested knows how to use Linkedin. At this point, I am deeply committed to the success of the commercial cannabis industry in California and have a unique and very extensive involvement with BCC, CDPH-MCSB, CDFA-CalCannabis, and CDTFA in the regulation and procedure drafting, creation and comment process. 

We have significant experience and skills with respect to Cannabis Cooperative Associations ["CCA's] having actually formed a number of them, some with preferred stock and other sophisticated features that most won't have grasped. We have successfully navigated the process of registering CCA's with CalCannabis and CDTFA, and are working on answering a number of questions that many of our peers aren't aware of. We don't have a magic wand of any secrets, its all about hard work and experience in accounting, tax, and regulatory compliance.

We view CCA's as a vehicle that may provide a lifeline to small artisan cultivators and are actively working with Type 1 and Type 2 outdoor cultivators seeking to use the CCA structure. 

Jordan Zoot 10sc

Jordan Zoot