July 7 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

CGA Board Mtg: July 7 2016


Board: Quorum YES

  1. Nate Whittington
  2. Aaron Flynn
  3. Eleanor Kuntz
  4. Ariana Tibbets
  5. Basil McMahon
  6. Jonathan Coller
  7. Casey O’Neil
  8. Judith Schreuder
  9. Donnie Anderson
  10. Lauren Frasier
  11. Sheldon Norberg
  12. Sequoyah Hudson
  13. Rich Miller
  14. Simon Caleb
  15. Eric Uhlrich
  16. Chad Doe
  17. Sunshine Lencho
  18. Jered Micheli
  • Hezekiah Allen ED
  • Susan Riggs
  • Jason Bryant (Consultant)
  • Melissa Sanchez Attorney

Introductions of all present 

Region, Business, License type 

Membership Report

  • Diversity discussion about who we identify with to include those we represent.
  • 50-60,000 businesses’ state wide
  • Regional talk:
  • Began on north coast
  • 61 at the beginning
  • Founding members 381 as of 12/31/15
  • Current members 646 as of 7/7/16


  • Mission Statement
  • Membership
    • Voting members must be touching the product and must contribute 500 per year or more 
    • Dues structure
      • Individual: 1-500
      • Cottage: 500-1000
      • Specialty: 1000
      • Small: 2500
      • Mid-sized: 5000 


  • 1 week notice with all decision items 
  • Reports 24hrs in advance


  • Email will work for designating proxy
  • Must be received at least 24 hours before the meeting 
  • Designation of voter and talks on bundling TBD
  • Cap for proxies TBD

Board of Directors

  • Board shall be 60% cultivator at all times 

Governance of Political Action Committees 

  • Cultivators council committee for small contributors PAC, "Citizens for a well regulated cannabis future" 
  • Biz counsel for issues PAC, "Coalition for a well regulated future" 

Vote to include proxy language as written

  • Motion by nate
  • Second basil
  • Unanimous approval

Vote to approve by laws

  • Motion by Casey to approve bylaws with the additional nomination language and a signing ceremony in September
  • Second by Richard
  • Unanimous approval

Officers Nominations

  • Motion to approve nominations by Basil
  • Second Richard
  • Unanimous approval 

Board Nominees

Welcome and approve new board members

  • Motion Sheldon
  • Second Nate
  • Unanimous approval

CGA Meeting Afternoon Session

Electoral politics program report

Not much focus on legislative races this year with some support for Rob Bonta, Scott Weiner and a few others. 

Proposition 64

Current position is Neutral. ED recommendation to remain neutral and continue to voice concerns about the creation of the Type 5 and the allowance for complete vertical integration. 

Online poll:

  • For 133
  • Against 139
  • Neutral 167
  • 75%: Adult use should be regulated
  • 25%: respondents split between no reg and med only system (for next few years)


Campaign has engaged in communication re AUMA. 


  • Smooth transition
  • Discussion of vertical integration
  • Tax concerns
  • Signing of decriminalization bill in 2010 has reduced arrests 80,000 to 20,000 between 2008 and 2018
  • Blue ribbon commission explains spectrum rather than dichotomy
  • Timing is a big concern between MMRSA and AUMA implementation


  • Strong support of regulation for adult use
  • Stay neutral in our position
  • Communications committee to draft statement of our position

Lauren Vasquez Oakland Attorney Representing AUMA

  1. Reduces and removes most criminal penalties
  2. Taxed and regulated commercial system
  3. Strong attempts to restore social justice
    1. Past crimes not a bar
    2. Small biz support
    3. Current charges can be reduced or dropped

About ending prohibition and keeping folks out of jail

Dale Cal NORML

  • Process of board vote
  • Bare majority in support
  • Concerned about tax structure
  • Protections for patients lacking
  • Use in public provisions are problematic


  • Support of AUMA
  • Vertical integration key to support
  • Moving conversation forward is the national concern

Donnie NAACP

  • Signed on in support of AUMA
  • Non-violent felonies involved in community

Luke Bruner

  • The process of MMRSA beginning to ending very different
  • Collaboration is key to these changes
  • No urgency to make decision today
  • Endorsement has little to do with initiative itself
  • Community comes before politics
  • Hearts and personal values in the state of CA
  • Preservation of this thing we have
  • Shared hope that we can unite this community before election day.
  • Simple request remain neutral for 3 months
  • Membership drive then weigh in on this matter

Nina Parks

  • Delivery service
  • Concerns about how they will roll out restrictions
  • Eg no smoking in cars
  • Criminal enhancements transport or give over an oz is an enhancement
  • Criminalization is the main concern
  • Tax issues are hard
  • Where taxes go

Kevin Saunders

  • Marina CA Mayoral candidate
  • PAC: no on 64
  • Factionalism turf and ego are theca issues
  • FB fuels dissatisfaction
  • Medical is dying in rec states

Marc Woods

  • Cause of small farmer
  • Stay neutral 
  • Stand up for what we truly believe in or we will be irrelevant

Karen Byars

  • Supports educating people about AUMA
  • Feels it will pass
  • Be prepared

Board Comments

Sunshine Lencho

  • criminality concerns if AUMA passes
  • Enhancement rules come into play immediately
  • Public consumption penalties going into effect immediately

Sequoyah Hudson

  • Planning for changes
  • Leg vs voter initiative mirrors
  • Different processes
  • AUMA can amend specific aspects like licensing
  • Article 5 and 6 amendable

Sarah Grew (Nominee) 

  • Small biz preservation concerns
  • No size limits biggest concern
  • Leg bill better way to go
  • Many people don’t even know about MMRSA
  • Local bans half

Motion to schedule a special "closed" meeting of the Board on July 30 at 10 AM to continue discussion. Remain neutral and outline concerns. 

  • Nate motion
  • Richard second