Greenbridge Founder Khurshid Khoja to serve as Pro Bono Legal Advisor to the California Growers Association

CCKK_at_Podium.jpgIA Board member and Greenbridge Corporate Counsel Founder Khurshid Khoja has served, pro bono, as General Counsel of CCIA since 2014—playing a critical role in shaping law and policy for CCIA through the formative years which involved hands-on participation in stakeholder negotiations and drafting of MMRSA, MCRSA, AUMA and MAUCRSA. 

His advocacy and analysis have substantially impacted the way the state's industry and other stakeholders have come to understand and embrace issues as varied as ownership and investment, vertical integration, open distribution, pesticide regulation and volatile solvent extraction, and is reflected in myriad ways in the text of California's cannabis laws and regulations.  "We are grateful to Khurshid for his tireless contributions to CCIA, which have helped set our foundations, greatly augmented our capacity to affect change, and built our organization into a powerhouse trade association," says Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director of CCIA.

While Khurshid will continue to serve on CCIA's board as an elected director in his second term, its Diversity and Inclusion Chair, and its representative on State Treasurer John Chiang's Cannabis Banking Working Group, he will soon be lending his considerable industry expertise as a legal advisor to the California Growers Association.  "With the passage of MAUCRSA, the cannabis industry in California is in a new phase of development where CGA and other industry groups need to close ranks and come together.  We are pleased to have Khurshid join us as an advisor, help us bridge the gaps that used to divide us, and move the industry forward as a united front," says California Growers Association Executive Director Hezekiah Allen.

Prior to his role at CCIA, Khurshid served as a pro bono General Counsel to MendoGrown and the Emerald Growers Association, the two regional trade associations which formed the early foundations of what is today the California Growers Association.  "I am very excited to be working with CGA’s incredibly talented and committed ED, board and staff—it feels very much like a homecoming in many ways," says Khurshid.  "I'll be rolling up my sleeves to help CGA propose laws, regulations and policies which encourage investment and innovation in reducing the carbon footprint of the cannabis industry, while protecting California’s small and minority cannabis businesses."