Kimberley Cargille - Sacramento

Kimberley Cargile, Sacramento 

Indoor and greenhouse gardening gave Kimberly her roots as a dedicated medical cannabis patient’s rights advocate.  She has been passionate about advancing the medical cannabis industry in California for over a decade. 

Her interest in natural medicine and holistic health was kindled as she worked her way through college as a certified fitness trainer and yoga instructor. From 1999 to 2005 Kimberly studied cellular and molecular biology as a pre-med student.  This gave her a firm foundation in understanding how the human body functions in relation to cannabinoids and the CB1 and CB2 receptors.  In 2005 as Kimberly was researching natural and osteopathic medicine and its place in our society, she learned that this valuable and age old style of practicing medicine is currently being repressed by our government.  At that time she changed her major to Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology and a focus on Social Justice and decided to do her part in educating the community and the government to promote natural medicines. 

When she graduated from Humboldt State University in 2006 as a Presidential Scholar on the Dean’s List, she moved to Sacramento to begin her career.  She learned invaluable industry and business management as the general manager of one of California’s first dispensaries, Capitol Wellness Collective.  At C.W.C. she had an opportunity to work behind the camera interviewing medical cannabis patients for a documentary.  During that special time she spent with those patients she realized that she had a responsibility to stand up for those that are too sick or too scared to stand up for themselves. So she decided to start volunteering for Americans for Safe Access and began organizing patients and advocates for City Council meetings, County Board of Supervisor meetings, Planning Commission meetings, State Senate and Assembly meetings, protests and signature drives.  Working with Americans for Safe Access taught Kimberly the importance of patient’s need of legal knowledge.  Over the years she has volunteered at many dispensaries and events as a Peer Counselor for Americans for Safe Access teaching patients the laws and the importance of standing up for their rights. 

In 2009, Kimberly started working as a business consultant for the medical marijuana industry.  Over the years she has helped open or reopen over a dozen dispensaries.   Kimberly has been instrumental in advancing industry standards with her positions on the boards of Sacramento County Patients & Collectives Association, the Committee for Safe Patient Access to Medical Cannabis, Sacramento chapter of Americans for Safe Access, Sacramento chapter of The National Organization for the Reform of Medical Marijuana Laws and the California Cannabis Industry Association’s Legislative Advisory Board. 

In 2012 Kimberly was able use her scientific knowledge to promote lab testing of medical cannabis throughout Northern California with a position at Sequoia Analytical Labs.  Kimberly believes that patients have a right know that their medicine if free of molds, mildews, bugs, pesticides and contaminants. 

At her current position as the CEO of A Therapeutic Alternative Inc. Kimberly is proud of the fact that her staff can help a patient find a strain that will relieve his or her symptoms based on the strain's specific cannabinoid and terpene profile. With A Therapeutic Alternative, Kimberly holds one of California’s few operational permits for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary regulated by the City of Sacramento. She has been commended by City Council, City staff, City Police Department, the League of California Cities and Counties, the California Chief of Police Association and the California Board of Equalization for operating a model dispensary.

Kimberly is a published writer for DOPE magazine,West Coast Leaf and Health & Fitness Magazine.  She has been interviewed by many publications including West Coast Cannabis, Sacramento News & Review, The North Coast Journal, Sacramento Business Journal, Sacramento Bee and Sacramento Alternative Magazine.  She has been a guest of Soapbox public television and Health Radio and sat on panels at the 2015 National Cannabis Industry Association’s Business Conference, the 2015 Marijuana Business Conference and Expo and the 2015 Awaken America Conference.  

Kimberly believes that education is the basis of change.  She has organized the first class on Cannabis at Sacramento City College, The Chemistry of Cannabis.  She currently teaches the section on marijuana in the Alcohol and Other Drugs Health Course at Sacramento State University on a semester basis.   In 2013, Kimberly was voted one of the top ten most influential people in the cannabis community in Sacramento by Sacramento Alternative Magazine. 

Kimberly has worked hard over the years to continually learn as much as possible about the science and politics of medical cannabis.  Her passion for helping others has fueled her desire to stay in the industry through some very hard times.  In 2015, Kimberly worked tirelessly on the MMRSA State regulations; giving tours of A Therapeutic Alternative to the Chief Police Association, The League of California Cities and Counties, The Board of Equalization and numerous legislative offices. Kimberly is respected for her knowledge, ethics and compassion.  Her experience has earned her the title as an expert in the medical cannabis industry.