Session 3: Legislative affairs: Opportunity and uncertainty.

399177_3960368741562_1331567799_n.jpgIt was a very busy year in the state legislature. Our efforts focused on distribution, water, licenses, taxes and reducing barriers to entry. Our accomplishments include:

- Removal of the March 1 deadline
- Clarification of distribution, ensuring balanced implementation
- Establishment of cannabis specific water regulations, allowing for streamlined permitting for small irrigation
- Passage of AB 2516 to establish a cottage cultivation license
- Amendments to establish a tiered tax rate, to provide incentives for specialty and small businesses
- Removal of the “leaf” tax

This session will cover the 2016 legislative year and begin outlining priorities for 2017. Participants will better understand the legislative landscape and will have the opportunity to share their priorities with Cal Growers lobbying team.

Facilitator: Jason Bryant, Director, Government Relations