Local government: Strategies for permits


Whether it’s the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act or Proposition 64, a lot of attention is being given to the state’s activities in regulating the cannabis industry. But, we can’t lose sight of the importance that local regulation will have on your ability to do business where you currently live and/or work.  

Without a local permit in hand, the state’s regulatory agencies will turn you away when you apply for a state license. And, in fact, if your local jurisdiction isn’t working now to determine how it will permit cannabis businesses locally, it may put your business at a disadvantage when permitting begins at the state level on January 1, 2018.

Your engagement and advocacy in the city or county where you plan to do business will be critical to ensuring that the regulatory framework is a friendly environment to do business. Whether it is building a strong coalition, lobbying elected leaders or effectively using media, your voice is imperative to ensuring a successful outcome.

These strategies and many more have been used successfully by local advocates for as long as there have been politics. We invite you to hear from local advocacy leaders from across diverse interests to learn how they have successfully used techniques to effectively move their agendas and how those techniques can be employed in the cannabis community. 

Facilitator - Susan Riggs, Director of Local Engagement