Nevada County: Time to get Organized

Nevada County marijuana: Supes pass outdoor grow ban in 4-to-1 vote. There is a lot of confusion and unanswered questions. Despite the uncertainty, one thing is clear: now is the time to get organized! We can make the world better if we work together. There is action you can take right now:

Build Stronger Community. Attend an event.
The Nevada County Chapter will host a #CalCannabisPolicy mixer on the third Wednesday of the month. These meetings will feature an exclusive Cal Growers policy update, local government update, and special talks, presentations, and panels.

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Information is power. Get empowered.
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A time of transformation. From volunteer activism to professional advocacy. 
As this new era of regulation is dawning it is time we turn a movement into an institution. For years the cannabis movement in California has been led by volunteers on the frontline. Now this a sustained commitment from the legislature, an active rule making process and local governments active all over the state, it is critical that we build professional representation for our farms and businesses. We can't build a political institution without your financial support. 
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