Get it right.

The Union got it right: ban or no ban, cannabis is not going away.

We know because cannabis is our way of a life, a lifesaving medicine, and how we make our livelihood. Nevada County is our home, and we are not going away.

So, let’s work together to solve problems. Let’s get it right.

As farmers, we know that all agriculture has impacts. With cannabis in California, the problems are especially acute because criminals exploit the lack of regulation and destroy public lands and erode public safety. It is time to distinguish between cannabis growers and criminals.   

We can’t let the supervisors to get this wrong. Take action now: Sign here

In 2015 the California state legislature passed a historic bi-partisan framework to regulate cannabis. By participating in this program Nevada County will be able to build active relationships with state agencies to improve public safety, professionalize the cannabis workforce and protect watersheds.

Assembly bill 21 will soon remove the March 1 deadline. We have time to get it right.  

There is no need for hasty bans and inconsiderate, thoughtless policies. We have time to do the hard work. The community is ready to collaborate and solve problems. It is time that our local government rise to the challenge. Without leadership from the Board of Supervisors our community will continue to be plagued by the negative impacts of unregulated and criminal cultivation. 

From volunteer activism to professional advocacy. 

As this new era of regulation is dawning it is time we turn a movement into an institution. For years the cannabis movement in California has been led by volunteers on the frontline. Now this a sustained commitment from the legislature, an active rule making process and local governments active all over the state, it is critical that we build professional representation for our farms and businesses. Cal Growers is currently seeking a political coordinator for Nevada County. 
We can't build a political institution without your financial support.