New era for local government

A brave new world has arrived for California local governments and their regional cannabis businesses.

Medical cannabis laws signed by Gov. Brown create a regulatory framework to bring farmers, processors, distributors and retailers in from the cold.

A big part of implementation will fall to counties and cities. But our local communities won’t work alone, without assistance.

Here are the basics:

  • Local jurisdictions will have help with compliance issues. Assistance will come from state agencies that currently perform similar work for other industries.
  • Local jurisdictions will have state help addressing enforcement of non-compliant and criminal commercial cannabis activities within their borders.
  • Local business will have regulatory clarity. They can operate as licensed businesses – and be protected from inappropriate law enforcement tactics. New rules mean inspections, not raids. 

Counties and cities can confidently allow new cannabis commerce under state guidelines. And business owners will be protected as they come into the light.

In the dawn of this new era, it’s critical to focus on partnership and collaboration. We must work together to solve problems. 

As we implement the new regulations, the benefits to our communities will be abundant. Jobs will be created. Revenue for community development and law enforcement will be generated.

Implementation of the new legislation will mean business opportunities in our communities and improved safety. But to succeed, we must work toward our common interests.