Political Action Committee

Political contributions are a critical component of success in our work. The California Growers Association controls two Political Action Committees: 

Citizens for a Well Regulated Cannabis Future is a small contributors PAC that brings together a broad cross section of Californians. From growers to consumers and everyone in between this committee is focussed on building a broad base of support to contribute to candidates campaigning for state and local office. The maximum contribution to this committee is $200 per year per person. Contribute to the PAC here

The Coalition for Responsible Permitting is coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses that work together to raise the level of dialogue cannabis policy at the local level. Organized as an issues PAC, the coalition can contribute to local ballot measures, conduct independent campaigns and engage in public opinion research and public relations. Contribute to the coalition here

Both PAC's are governed by our Political Committee. Click here to receive more information about serving on the committee.