It's time for solutions.

Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal on Tuesday will recommend that voters should decide if the outdoor cultivation of marijuana should be banned, according to county records.

The election, if approved by the supervisors, would occur June 7.

Let's be honest: there are negative impacts caused by unregulated agriculture and commerce. The solution is regulation. The legislature passed a regulatory framework in 2015. These solutions begin with permits. Without permits, the problems will get worse.

Bans are bad policy that hurt public safety, destroy clean water, and hurt local businesses and families. Permits for regulated cultivation will solve problems. 

RE: Protect public safety and watersheds. 

To whom it may concern: 


We ask our local Board of Supervisors to lead the way into a new era where our communities and watersheds are safe from criminal behavior by creating a pathway to compliance for local farmers and businesses.


We encourage the Board of Supervisors to vote "no" to the cultivation ban, as well as to the ballot measure being proposed by the Sheriff. Bans are bad policy and an election on the question will tear our communities apart. An election on this subject will be an expensive boondoggle. 


Instead we would like to see a new ordinance initiated, involving a diverse group of community stakeholders, that is compliance with the new state regulatory framework signed into law in October of 2015. These new state regulations offer a whole set of solutions that should be the foundation for current and future policy decisions.


Solutions start with regulation and regulation starts with permits. We call on the Board of Supervisors to solve critical public safety and environmental problems in our county by permitting regulated cannabis cultivation. 




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