Strong communities= Better policy.

Thanks again for agreeing to be a local government ambassador. This is a very important role and it will take time and hard work to build the relationships needed to move forward with and maintain fair and compassionate regulations. This video from placer County should help get the conversation started

To share this with your local elected representatives, you can follow the steps below: 

1. Research contact info your local city councilors and/or county supervisors. 

2. Send an email to your local city council and/or county supervisors. You can use this template to get you started: 

Dear (insert name and title of the person you are sending this to),

My name is (insert your name) and I am a resident of (insert name of city and/or county). I support a well regulated, healthy and fair cannabis future for California. I also vote. 

I am writing today to share a short video with you. This video was produced by the County of Placer, in Northern California. It is short and helps to explain the challenge and opportunity facing local governments in California in light of the recent passage and enactment of the Medical Marijuana Regulatory and Safety Act of 2015. This historic, bi-partisan legislation provides--for the first time in nearly two decades--a statewide regulatory and licensing framework for medical cannabis. The act also provides for additional resources for enforcing environmental protections and improving public safety. 

You can view the video by clicking here:

The video is only 3 minutes and 26 seconds long. Please, find time to watch it. And, after you have watched it, please respond to me with your thoughts and responses. 


(insert your name, and phone number) 

3. Make a list of names, titles and contact information, for the people you sent this to and send it to 

We will follow up with an email offering to discuss the issue with everyone you send the video to.

Also, please feel free to send along any responses you may receive. These responses will be valuable in helping to develop a deeper understanding of what concerns local elected officials have and it will help us to develop strategies to better partner with cities and counties throughout California. 

Thank you so much for volunteering to as a local government ambassador!