A diverse, statewide network

The California Growers Association is more than just an organization. We have a robust network of partnerships with several organizations throughout the state. These partnerships are the grassroots base for our continued success. We are an inclusive organization that represents all sizes and shapes of cannabis growers and businesses in the state. These partnerships help strengthen unity within the cannabis business community while also ensuring a focused voice for the many factions that make up the patchwork of cannabis commerce in CA.

Regional Partners

The best way to join CalGrowers is to join one of our partners. Joining one of the organizations listed below will get you all the benefits of membership at the state level while also ensuring that you are well represented at the local level.

Strategic Partners

In addition to our network of regional partners, we also maintain several strategic partnerships. Anyone who joins one of these organizations will enjoy membership benefits with CalGrowers:

Limited Partners

In addition to our regional and strategic partners, we also maintain a number of limited partners. Joining these organizations does not get you membership benefits at the state level but we do coordinate our efforts with them and we strongly encourage you to support these groups at the local level: