Regional Affairs

World class cannabis can be found in every corner of California. From towering redwoods, expansive valleys, rugged coastline, foothills, mountains and some of the most dynamic cities in the world, California is a diverse state, and CalGrowers cuts across geographies and bridges communities in our work.

As the state implements its new licensing program, businesses, patients, and consumers alike continue to face major challenges at the local level. As of late 2018, nearly 70% of California cities and counties continue to prohibit all commercial cannabis activity. Areas that do allow cannabis businesses face major barriers associated with fire, building, and planning departments, slow-moving bureaucracy, high taxes and fees, and restrictive permitting.

Regional Partners

CalGrowers partners with multiple organizations at the regional level. Joining one of the organizations listed below will get you all the benefits of membership at the state level while also ensuring that you are well represented locally.

Local Policy Advocacy

Over three years after California passed the MCRSA to regulate cannabis on the state level for the first time, lack of education and anti-cannabis stigma continues to hamstring progress at the local level. The Coalition for Responsible Permitting is coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses that work together to raise the level of dialogue cannabis policy at the local level. Organized as an issues PAC, the coalition can contribute to local ballot measures, conduct independent campaigns and engage in public opinion research and public relations. Contribute to the coalition here