Regulatory Affairs

The Medical Cannabis Regulatory and Safety Act of 2015 is built on a multi-agency framework. This framework tasks several agencies with regulating different segments of the cannabis marketplace. The three lead agencies are responsible for issuing state licenses to qualified applicants:

  • Department of Food and Agriculture: Nurseries and Cultivation
  • Department of Public Health: Manufacturing
  • Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation: Testing Labs, Transport, Retail, Distribution

Additionally, the State Water Resource Control Board is responsible for developing flow requirements to ensure that water is used responsibly.

Over the last several months these agencies have developed new programs to implement the MCRSA. Now that these teams are in place, the agencies are shifting their focus to the rulemaking process.

The state agencies responsible for licensing cannabis businesses will be holding several meetings throughout the state over the next several weeks and months. These meetings are an important part of the regulatory process. The meetings are an opportunity for you to learn more and have conversations directly with the people who will be drafting the regulations in the early stages of the process. 

The State Water Resources Control Board will host the following meetings: 

  • Ukiah: August 31
  • Eureka: September 1
  • Weed: September 7
  • Red Bluff: September 8
  • Ventura: September 15
  • Salinas: September 21
  • Fresno: September 22

More information about the Cannabis Cultivation Regulatory and Enforcement Unit is available here. Meeting details will be posted soon.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture will be hosting the following meetings for cultivators and nurseries:

  • Sacramento: Tuesday, September 13
  • Redding: Wednesday, September 14
  • Eureka: Thursday, September 15
  • Oakland: Tuesday, September 20
  • San Luis Obispo: Wednesday, September 21
  • Coalinga: Thursday, September 22
  • Pasadena: Tuesday, September 27
  • Desert Hot Springs: Wednesday, September 28

You can find specific details about the events above by clicking here. You can learn more about the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program here

The Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulations and the California Department of Public Health will be hosting the following meetings for transporters, manufactures, distributors, labs and retailers:

  • Redding: Monday, September 19
  • Sacramento: Tuesday, September 20
  • Santa Rosa: Thursday, September 22
  • Oakland:  Monday, September 26
  • Fresno: Tuesday, September 27
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday, October 4
  • San Diego: Wednesday, October 5

Transporters, distributors, labs and retailers can sign up to receive more information. You can learn more about the Bureau here

Manufacturers can sign up to receive more information and learn more about the Office of Medical Cannabis safety by clicking here