SB 175 - Support

For generations cannabis has been a part of California’s cultural fabric. A longtime leader on cannabis policy, California is also recognized global leaders in the cannabis marketplace. Much like our wine industry, we are known for dozens of varietals and diverse geographic variations.

Our leadership is built on high value products and our unique small farming culture. Protecting the integrity of our regional brands is an important incentive to drive participation in the regulated marketplace and ensure that the legacy of our states farmers and growers are not exploited.

Section 19332.5 of the Business and Professions code--spearheaded by Senator Mcguire and Cal Growers in 2015--is a solid foundation to ensure that cannabis consumers have accurate information about the origin of the products they buy.

The amendments proposed in SB 175 provide clarification and more robust protections. Senator Mike McGuire has shown great awareness of the challenges facing local cannabis farmers. Safeguarding our brands through common sense truth in advertising provisions will help to develop a robust California cannabis marketplace, particularly for our states legacy growers. SB 175 will help protect a regional treasure, our world renowned Cannabis brands.

Your support would make a huge impact. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this important legislation.