Sequoyah Hudson, Treasurer, Humboldt

A California native, Sequoyah was born and raised in Monterey County. As a young adult, along with her family she migrated north and set roots in Humboldt County. Her professional career has consisted of over 25 years of fiscal experience working both for profit and non-profit organizations as a fiscal controller/bookkeeper. She and her spouse have been together 24 years, and have children ages 28, 21, 9 and 6. Together they also operate a General Contracting business of their own. She has volunteered countless hours for various youth sports, schools, organizations and events throughout the county and has deep roots within the community.

Sequoyah recognizes the importance of positioning and legitimately establishing farmers as a strong participant in the national and global ‘canna’ industry. She believes it is viable to create a structure that supports a safe, legal, organized and regulated ‘canna’ business industry in California that not only is environmentally sustainable but also contributes back into the communities in which it thrives.

Sequoyah looks forward to being a part of developing regulation locally as well as statewide and bridging the gap between government, businesses, the community and the current ‘underground’ industry during this transition into a strong legitimate economy for small farmers as well as a model for successful “‘Canna’ Industry and Tourism”.