Our work is guided by an annual strategic planning process. This process is inclusive and robust. Our ability to represent our members and community is directly correlated to the success of our strategic planning.

The Board of Directors is responsible for approving the strategic plan at their January meeting. Staff works with committees to develop recommendations for the board to consider and to implement the plan. The board will review and update the plan (as needed) at each of their quarterly board meetings. 

Principles and priorities

Our strategic planning is organized into principles and priorities. Principles are big picture goals or statements. While hard to measure, principles guide our work over many cycles. They tend to evolve and adapt rather than be completed or replaced. Priorities have specific timelines and metrics. They are often shorter term than principles and tend to have a specific focus. In addition to principles and priorities we also take specific positions on proposed legislation and regulation. These positions shall be consistent with our strategic plan. 

2017 Principles and Priorities

  • Public Policy
  • Administration
  • Development 

2016 Principles and Priorities

2015 Principles and Priorities